Are sports socks protective?

Update:21 May 2021

The important role of socks in sports is comparable to […]

The important role of socks in sports is comparable to that of shoes. A suitable pair of socks can help you reduce the impact of the sole on your feet, reduce the generation of blisters, keep your feet warm, and provide a certain level of foot protection. The ordinary socks on the market are mostly man-made fiber (acrylic) socks, which are non-slip, non-absorbing, and have no cushioning elasticity. Therefore, if you are a person who exercises regularly, you must go to a sporting goods store to buy socks.


According to different types of sports, the criteria for choosing sports socks are different. According to the designer of China Jordan Sports, when running, you must first choose pure cotton socks. The soles of your feet are easy to sweat when running, and pure cotton socks have the characteristics of sweat absorption and good air permeability. Second, pay attention to the stitches at the toe of the sock should be flat stitched, so as to prevent rubbing the toes. Third, it is best to tighten the middle of the socks to prevent the socks from slipping off and affecting sports. Finally, the size of the socks should be moderate.

Basketball has a strong jumping ability. It is best to choose sports socks that have good elasticity and can protect the ankles, and thicker cotton socks. Football is a highly antagonistic sport. To protect the knees, leg guards are often used, so socks that can cover the knees are needed. For roller skating, which is more popular among teenagers, the length of sports socks should be at least higher than the upper of the shoe when choosing sports socks, so that the inner sleeve will not directly touch and rub against the skin. Some socks are stitched with leather on the ankles and other parts to increase abrasion resistance and comfort. Yoga trainers mainly practice the flexibility and balance of the body, and they usually practice barefoot. But training in public places such as gyms, because there are more people and sweating on the soles of your feet can easily get all kinds of bacteria, so it is best to wear a pair of socks. At this time, you should choose the kind of cotton socks with better flexibility, non-slip particles at the bottom of the socks, and strong sweat absorption. The slip resistance of the socks of mountain enthusiasts is very important. In addition, the heel of the socks should be thicker to reduce the impact on the ankle when the foot is on the ground and protect the ankle joint. Choosing a pair of good woolen climbing socks can help you experience the fun of climbing. Hurricane-NBA series sports socks have quite a lot of styles, and relatively speaking, there are more choices.

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