How to choose and maintain silk stockings

Update:09 Nov 2021

Silk stocking fabric 1. Nylon stockings: With its high […]

Silk stocking fabric
1. Nylon stockings: With its high strength, good abrasion resistance, and good elasticity, it has been famous for half a century.
2. Core-spun yarn: It is the most popular stocking raw material in the market. It refers to the spandex core-spun yarn formed by covering or winding on the spandex yarn with nylon yarn. Characteristics, it also has the advantage of high elasticity of spandex.
3. Velvet stockings: all of its raw materials are made of one-way core-spun yarn or two-way core-spun yarn. The woven socks have high elasticity, soft hand feel, fine and transparent than nylon stockings, elegant vision, high durability and abrasion resistance, and a little matt. Keep warm.
4. Ultra-thin velvet socks: It is woven with high-tech superfine fiber and fully elastic silk that is softer than hair. The texture is dense and delicate, the touch is silky, crystal clear, and has good air permeability.
5. Combed cotton: It uses a combing machine to comb the fibers during the processing of cotton fibers to almost completely remove all kinds of impurities in the fibers. The fabric spun with this cotton will feel better.
6. Mercerized cotton: refers to the mercerizing process of raw cotton fiber in a concentrated alkali solution under a certain tension condition. The mercerized cotton fiber is more luster than its raw cotton fiber under the premise that other physical indicators and properties do not change. It has the advantages of better temperature, more comfortable feel, and relatively less wrinkle.
Purchase and maintenance of silk stockings:
The choice of silk socks should pay attention to whether there is wire drawing, whether it is skewed, and whether there is any missing stitches. In addition, choose the right size. As for the color choice of socks, people with thinner legs should choose lighter socks; conversely, people with thicker legs should choose darker socks. When wearing socks, wear them slowly, do not pull hard, cut your toenails frequently, and chemical fiber socks have poor hygroscopicity, so they should be washed frequently. When washing socks, they should be gently rubbed, and should not be washed in hot water or in the sun. Exposure to the sun should be placed in a ventilated place to dry.

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