How to choose men's sports socks

Update:15 Jan 2022

There are various types of sports socks. Sportsmen must […]

There are various types of sports socks. Sportsmen must understand the function of different types of men's sports socks when choosing sports socks so that they can buy sports socks that suit them.
Lightweight Outdoor Socks: Ideal for warm climate walks, simple trail hikes or outings, outdoor activities that require a light amount of exercise. These socks are thicker, warmer, more durable than inner socks, and of course, have better cushioning; however, because they are still thin, they are more suitable for use in warmer climates. Generally, these types of socks are made of blended fabrics, which have good support and comfort. They can be worn alone or together with inner socks.
Medium-weight socks for outdoor activities: suitable for use in cold climates, providing sufficient cushioning and insulation to protect the feet from the outside temperature. Thickness and warmth are better than lightweight socks, and some brands of socks even thicken socks in high-impact areas, such as the heel and forefoot areas, to improve foot comfort. These socks should be worn with inner socks at the same time.
Mountaineering socks: Mountaineering socks are socks with thicker fabrics and better cushioning. They are designed for long-distance travel, off-road hiking, and a variety of activities in low-temperature conditions. Because it is too thick, it is not suitable for use in warm climates and light hiking activities.


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