How to choose your own suitable socks?

Update:12 Sep 2020

Pure cotton socks are the best choice for daily wear. A […]

Pure cotton socks are the best choice for daily wear. Although silk is luxurious, it is prone to deformation and wear. It is generally not recommended to wear it on occasions that are not the most solemn. Some new chemical fiber varieties (such as bamboo fiber) have even better moisture absorption and moisture dissipation effects than cotton socks, which are also good choices.

Wearing cashmere socks in winter is breathable and comfortable, but it will be more troublesome to clean, and professional wool cleaning agent is needed.

People's eyeballs are often attracted by colors that are particularly prominent in a small area. Sometimes even if you wear a low-key, it will become fashionable because of the bright color. Socks are your best choice.

Wearing pants, nine-point pants, Cropped trousers or curled trousers are the best choice to show off the style of socks. In the dull winter, a pair of socks can sweep away the heaviness brought by the clothes; if you are not cold with bright colors, then the low-key gray, brown and other colors are elegant and delicate, and have a more harmonious visual effect.

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