How to help baby choose socks

Update:07 Jun 2020

■ style of socks Young babies are no more than adults. […]

■ style of socks

Young babies are no more than adults. They don't have their own preferences, and they don't care about the style of socks, which can be completely decided by moms. It's just because of this that moms can't buy socks for their children according to their own preferences. Instead, they have to choose styles for their children according to the climate of the four seasons. In winter, they need to be thicker, in summer, they need to be light, and in autumn, they need to be breathable. They can't wear a kind of socks for their children all the year round. Think about how hard it is to wear a pair of thick socks in summer; in winter, a pair of thin socks can easily freeze your feet and catch a cold accidentally.

■ color of socks

The color of socks for babies is light. Pink, pink blue, light yellow, pull pink, match with baby's delicate skin, make baby more lively and lovely, at the same time, it can avoid the problem of discoloration. A pair of small feet in front of mommy to kick around, Mommy hearts how happy and happy ah! The color of socks should not be bright red and purple. Children are not adults. They should be lively and lovely. Adults can have their own personality and pursuit, so there is no need for babies to be too personalized.

■ quality of socks

When it comes to babies' socks, mums must pay attention to the quality when they buy them. Never go to some small stalls and shops to buy the things children wear. They may be a little cheaper there, but is the quality guaranteed? What if it contains toxic and harmful substances such as methanol?

The best choice for baby's socks is to go to a bigger supermarket or children's specialty store. Make sure to choose cotton socks, which are sweat absorbing and breathable, suitable for the hyperactive baby. Cotton products can also prevent peculiar smell, which is most suitable for babies who like sweating and moving. The most important thing is that cotton products are skin friendly and won't hurt the baby's delicate skin.

How to clean baby socks

·Even if the baby doesn't sweat and the socks don't look dirty, parents should change the socks for the baby every day.

·The baby's socks should be cleaned separately. Don't mix with the adult's things. There are bacteria on the adult's clothes, which may infect the baby.

·The best way to wash your baby's socks is to dry them in the sun. If there is no sunshine in winter, you can choose to disinfect them with high temperature to reduce the damage of fungi to your baby.

·It's better not to wash baby's socks with washing powder, because the residue will cause irritation to baby's skin, so it's more suitable to use baby's washing liquid.

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