How to identify the difference between boat socks and socks?

Update:23 Jan 2021

See if you can see the edge of the sock at a glance. Bo […]

See if you can see the edge of the sock at a glance.

Boat socks are very short socks, so short that you can't see the socks (or only the edge of the socks) after wearing the shoes, and the sock mouth is below the ankle. The name "boat socks" is because the shape of the socks is like a boat. Because the length is up to the ankle, they are also called "ankle socks", "boat socks" and "super socks". In Taiwan, they are mostly called "invisible socks". Socks".200N ORANGE BLUE SUPER INVISIBLE SERIES FLAT KNIT SOCKS.

Socks, which wrap the ankles, are shorter than stockings. The edge of the sock can still be seen.

Extended information:

Boat socks include lace boat socks, cotton boat socks, Korean boat socks, invisible boat socks, etc.

Boat socks are a kind of socks, how can they be classified? But in fact, boat socks are also different. There is a type of boat socks (usually made of cotton) that covers the instep. In fact, this type of socks is not strictly a boat socks. They are usually made of silk. You can't see it in princess shoes. There is also a boat socks that even only has the toe part.

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