How to make suitable jersey socks

Update:07 Sep 2021

Every woman loves her flat knit socks. They are incredi […]

Every woman loves her flat knit socks. They are incredibly comfortable and work great in all kinds of conditions. They also make a super quick fashion fix, so you can be on the go and yet still have great fashion. You can find these type of socks just about anywhere, including some department stores and online retailers. Finding a pair that fits right can be a challenge, though, because sometimes even great socks get too baggy or thin.

If you're getting tired of your standard socks, you should really consider flat knit socks. The first thing that you will notice is that there are now many different kinds of flat knit socks. There is the traditional sock that has a little flap on the front; however, there are also those that do not. These usually have a thin line at the top of the sock that is similar to a pantyhose hem. Women's flat patterns are usually more fitted and may have buttons on them instead of the typical flap.

One of the greatest trends in women's footwear is asymmetry. The classic sock that you have probably had since you were a child has been a closed heel. However, recently this has been changing as we have become more conscious of our feet and how they fit. Many women who traditionally knit their socks now choose to open the heel. This is called flat knit socks and looks very stylish and feminine.


To make flat knit socks you will need a pair of double pointed needles that are able to pass through the sock yarn without coming out the other end. If you cannot seem to find these, try searching for "double pointed needles" or "pointed toe socks" on the Internet. Then you need to find a pair of scissors that come with the seam allowances that are one-half inch to two inches smaller than your actual shoe size. The number of stitches you will need will depend on the width of the foot as well as the thickness of your toes.

Once you have your needles, take a free knitting pattern or write one down. You can either find a pattern that is available online or draw one yourself. Once you have a free knitting pattern, it is time to cut the sock yarn according to the pattern instructions. Once this is done, it is time to start stitching the socks together.

Once the entire socks are stitched together, be sure to secure the end by inserting a safety pin or safety clip. Always use a needle that is smaller than your own hands' size. It is always best to use different needles to add variety to your pattern and to help you get comfortable with the process. Repeat the steps above until your project is complete and you will have a stunningly beautiful pair of socks for wearing.

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