• How to extend the service life of hosiery machines


    How long a hosiery machine can be used is not determined by its own specific service period, but is also affected by various objective factors in the application. If you can do the following when applying the equipment, you can effectively extend the service life of the equipment...

  • Wearing socks on travel is of great significance to your backpacking life


    Wearing socks during travel is of great significance to your backpacking life. Like shoes, socks must be carefully selected, because you have already cooperated, you can expect many situations. Consider the journey you imagine Socks for backpackers in different environments, in o...

  • What are the characteristics of socks of different material fabrics


    1. The most familiar socks material fabric: Cotton (Cotton) We usually like to wear pure cotton socks, but is pure cotton 100% cotton? The answer of the hosiery expert is no. If the composition of a pair of socks is 100% cotton, then this pair of socks is cotton. Generally, socks...

  • What are the general classifications of socks


    A. Divided by object: men's socks, women's socks, children's socks (boys and girls), (baby socks-baby socks), elderly socks B. According to raw materials: [Ordinary raw materials: fabrics (including cotton, nylon, polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, polyester cotton, etc.); bottom...

  • How to choose and maintain silk stockings


    Silk stocking fabric 1. Nylon stockings: With its high strength, good abrasion resistance, and good elasticity, it has been famous for half a century. 2. Core-spun yarn: It is the most popular stocking raw material in the market. It refers to the spandex core-spun yarn formed by ...

  • What fabric is better for socks


    Socks fabric: 1. Pure cotton fabric When the pure cotton fabric comes into contact with flames, it burns faster and turns into ashes in an instant. After leaving the flame, the remaining part will continue to burn, and the remaining ashes are grayish-white. Twist it delicately an...

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