• What are the purchasing skills of socks


    When choosing socks, you should keep in mind the 6-character formula of "tight, loose, large, light, uniform, and clear". That is to say, the socks and the sock must be tight, the bottom of the socks should be loose, the heel of the socks should be large, the surface of the socks...

  • What are the main categories of socks


    Socks are used for heating. In addition to the basic functions of heating, socks also have the functions of beautiful legs, medical treatment and deodorization. Classified by efficacy 1. Medical elastic stockings, socks used to treat varicose veins, mainly used in hospitals. 2. W...

  • How to match the terry socks


    What are terry socks? How about terry socks? It is estimated that many people have worn socks for decades, and they may not understand it yet. Terry socks are commonly known as towel socks. Turn the socks upside down and you will see that they are covered with hairy loops, which ...

  • How to choose suitable socks from fabrics


    The feet sweat easily during exercise. If the socks do not absorb sweat, the feet will become sticky and uncomfortable. As a result, the socks will become dry, but the feet are wet and smelly, which becomes the best breeding ground for bacteria. If you want to keep your feet dry,...

  • What are the advantages of polyester socks


    Polyester is a fabric that has many uses but one of the most popular is as a fabric for socks. The main benefit that polyester has as a material for socks is that it can easily be dyed and then made into a variety of colours. As well as being comfortable and durable there are als...

  • There are many styles of cotton terry socks to choose from


    Newborn and toddler terry socks undoubtedly are adorable, comfortable and stylish baby socks which belong just on the feet of your lovable baby! These socks are practical for everyday wear, ideal for baby's active days. With so many cute designs and colors to choose from, you are...

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