Should babies wear "socks" to sleep in autumn and winter

Update:22 Dec 2021

As the saying goes: "As long as the child's feet are ho […]

As the saying goes: "As long as the child's feet are hot, the whole body will be hot." Because we all know that this sentence is correct, we will pay more attention to keeping the baby's feet warm when giving birth.
Recently, the temperature can be said to be a cliff-like drop. We have all begun to wear thick coats, especially in the northern regions. When the temperature is already very low without heating, it is very likely to get sick.
At this time, the temperature in many houses will be lower than the outdoor temperature, so many mothers put their babies on thick socks and even put them on while sleeping. Is this really necessary?
Some experts say: "Baby should not be put on socks to sleep."
This is because the temperature of the baby's feet is relatively high. When we go to bed at night, we wear clothes to cover the quilt. This temperature is enough to make the baby feel very hot.
If the baby is put on socks while going to bed, the baby will easily get hot, kick a lot of quilts, and sweat. You must know that babies at this time are more likely to catch colds.
Therefore, it is generally not recommended to wear socks to let the baby fall asleep, and wearing socks will also affect the baby's sleep quality because wearing socks is really uncomfortable.

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