Suitable for portal socks in summer?

Update:25 Jun 2021

1. Boat socks Boat socks are also called "ankle socks", […]

1. Boat socks

Boat socks are also called "ankle socks", "boat socks", and "ultra-short socks". They are very short socks with the mouth below the ankles, so short that the socks cannot be seen after wearing the shoes (or just look at the socks). To the edge of the socks), also known as "invisible socks".
Shopping guide: boat socks are generally divided into lace boat socks, cotton boat socks, Korean boat socks, invisible boat socks, etc. If you like to wear short casual sports shoes or open casual cloth shoes, it is recommended to buy low-mouthed in summer Invisible boat socks or cotton boat socks are stylish, lightweight, comfortable and breathable, allowing your feet to breathe freely.

2. Stockings

Silk stockings are thin nylon stockings, which are a kind of modern socks. There are differences in length, middle and short. Most stockings are one-piece, skin-colored, black, transparent, etc. The color of stockings is generally divided into meat stockings, gray stockings, white stockings and black stockings.
Shopping guide: women with fatter body or thick legs are recommended to choose dark, straight or thin striped stockings, which will produce a sense of shrinkage and make the legs appear thinner; women with thinner legs are recommended Choose bright colors and warm colors with a sense of expansion, which will make the legs more even and sexy.

3. Socks

Socks are a kind of socks with a body length of up to 5 cm above the ankle. They wrap the entire ankle when worn. They are suitable for people of all ages. They are very comfortable and beautiful to wear. The socks are mostly made of cotton or nylon.
Shopping guide: The main reason for buying socks in summer is comfort. Generally speaking, the thinner, breathable and moisture-absorbing socks you wear in summer, the better. It is recommended to buy silk socks or cotton socks; short The color of the socks should not be too bright, but they can echo the color of the clothes on the body.

4. Medium socks

Mid-tube stockings are also called knee-length socks, a type of socks that only reach the knee or the lower part of the knee. When worn, they cover half of the calf and make the calf more slender. Most of the tube socks are made of cotton or nylon, and they are also standard equipment for school uniforms in many areas.
Selection guide: It is recommended to buy cotton tube socks, which are comfortable and breathable. The threaded edge is more durable than the raw edge and is not easy to deform. For girls with a relatively petite figure, it is recommended to wear medium stockings with shorter skirts or shorts, so that longer legs can be exposed and the overall height will be increased visually.

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