The correct wear of business socks

Update:18 Sep 2020

Anyone who has studied etiquette knows what kind of soc […]

Anyone who has studied etiquette knows what kind of socks we should wear with formal leather shoes. We tend to overlook these small details. Business socks are really important in formal occasions.

There was once a head of a domestic company who went abroad to promote his products. The audience was the administrators or heads of some internationally renowned investment companies. The scene was very formal and serious. However, some people found that there was a line of cotton trousers under the trousers of the boss on the stage, and the boss wore a pair of white socks in his black leather shoes. In such a business occasion, they were really gaffes. They saw from a detail of the socks and thought of it. Some other things, can such a boss manage his company well? So what about his products? They immediately questioned the company's products.

So don't underestimate such a detail. If you are not very successful in a business event, try to find out if the business socks are matched incorrectly, leaving a bad impression.

Our personal image and temperament are the most important in business activities. Not only do we need to look good, but other details are also worthy of our attention. Business socks are often details that many people do not pay attention to.

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