The maintenance and proper cleaning of socks

Update:19 Jan 2022

Socks are an essential item in our lives, like the weat […]

Socks are an essential item in our lives, like the weather is cold now, wearing a pair of socks is very warm. But some people don't like to clean it, they will throw it away after wearing it once, and feel that it has a sweaty smell, which is inconvenient to clean and can't remove the smell. Once people walk, their feet will sweat. Especially in summer, many people don't like to wear sandals. Wearing other shoes can't avoid wearing socks, and the smell of sweat caused by sweating is inevitable. Teach you some correct cleaning methods.


  1. We recommend that you put a cotton pad in your shoes to reduce the wear of socks just in case. The cotton pad can also prevent moisture and odor.


  1. We need to wash it separately from other clothes. One is to prevent the zipper and other pendants of other clothes from scratching it, and the other is to prevent the bacteria on the feet from spreading to other clothes, especially underwear.


  1. Like some ordinary cotton socks, it is recommended that you wash the socks that you replace, so that you will not waste a long time, and then rub it with soap and hot water, so that the dirt is easy to fall off.

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