Wearing socks can help you sleep better

Update:16 Dec 2021

Many people like to wear socks to sleep, especially in […]

Many people like to wear socks to sleep, especially in winter, they think wearing socks at night can keep you warm. What should I do if I wear socks to sleep at night? A study by the Swiss National Sleep Laboratory found that wearing socks to fall asleep quickly.
The researchers recruited a group of volunteers and divided them into two groups, one group was sleeping with socks, the other group did not. It was found that, compared with those who did not wear socks, those who wore socks to sleep at night had higher hands and feet temperature than room temperature, and the average sleep time was shorter.
When a person is about to fall asleep, the central nervous system redistributes heat from the core of the body to the hands and feet. Therefore, heating with hot water bottles, covering with warm blankets, and wearing socks will speed up the process of heat transfer and distribution. This will help promote the secretion and release of sleep hormones and make people fall asleep faster.


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