What are the benefits of wearing casual cotton socks

Update:24 Mar 2022

Take invisible boat socks as an example: Threaded seams […]

Take invisible boat socks as an example: Threaded seams are more durable than raw edges, and towel fabrics are more absorbent than non-deformable fabrics. Ordinary thin socks are more prone to smelly feet. For the treatment of the heel, the general socks have only one longitudinally tightened stitch, and there are three in the picture on the right, so that the heel fits better and does not slip on the foot. Look at the stitching on the side, a good sock also has inner stitching on the side, which is more suitable for the toes. The heel of the boat socks is too low and easy to fall off. Good boat socks have silicone anti-slip strips. The rough ones are only a large piece of silicone, and the good ones have multiple horizontal or vertical silicone strips.

Usually, when you buy stocks, you always want pure cotton (whole cotton), and the store will tell you that the socks are pure cotton (whole cotton). Some people may think that pure cotton (whole cotton) products should be cotton. Yes, in fact, as far as socks are concerned, there are no real cotton socks. What we call pure cotton, the cotton yarn content is about 60% to 85%, socks need a certain elasticity, which must be added in the weaving process. The elastic fiber (usually spandex) is a good material for the skin. Generally, the whole pair of socks is not made of Lycra. Cotton is woven with hanging thread, and man-made fibers are often used in the toe, heel, and cuff for reinforcement and elasticity, and the two add up to about 15-40%. So 60% to 85% is what we call pure cotton (cotton) socks.

Whether it is clothes, bedding, or socks, the basic principle of keeping warm is to slow down the heat exchange between the skin and the outside world through the air barrier formed in the fabric. So in general, the thicker the sock, the warmer it is, and among the fabrics commonly used in socks, wool is second to none. Pure cotton socks are not a good choice! 4 Tips for Picking Socks to Keep Your Feet Comfortable It's not just that wool is thick when woven, it's that wool's fiber structure is better at holding up even when it gets wet air compartment.

Socks are actually an important item that can change your overall style. Men especially, don't wear high heels without socks like girls, so socks are worn under our feet almost every day. It is precise because of this that we should start from the details, not just focus on the outline and forget the details. Many people may say that the usual trousers are ankle-length, and the socks are not visible at all, but can you guarantee that the socks will not be exposed when you sit down? Generally speaking, when we sit down, the socks will always show 2-3 cm between the shoes and the trousers. At this time, if the socks of the day do not match the clothes, it will inevitably leave a bad impression.


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