What are the characteristics of socks of different materials

Update:04 Aug 2021

When we choose socks, we usually consider the aspects o […]

When we choose socks, we usually consider the aspects of sweat absorption, deodorization, and durability.
Nylon is the name of a synthetic fiber with Chinese characteristics, commonly known as "nylon". Nylon has the characteristics of firmness, strong abrasion resistance, light weight and good elasticity. Generally, silk stockings and some ice silk boat socks contain nylon ingredients. Polyester is rarely used to make socks due to its low moisture absorption.
For the choice of socks, let's take a look at several common socks materials on the market.
1. Cotton: comfortable. Cotton is the mainstream cotton material for socks. Generally speaking, the better the cotton yarn, the more comfortable the socks. But natural cotton yarn is not very elastic. A pair of socks that fit comfortably and are not easily worn out must contain a certain proportion of polyester fiber. Therefore, when you see the "100% cotton" socks logo next time, you must purchase them carefully.

2. Wool: keep warm. Wool has excellent thermal performance, but the price is relatively expensive. If you are living indoors without heating, it is recommended that you choose wool socks to keep warm.
3. Bamboo fiber: wear-resistant. Socks made of bamboo fiber feel comfortable and soft, and have strong abrasion resistance and are not easy to pilling. They have excellent breathability and moisture absorption. In addition, bamboo fiber has strong antibacterial and health care properties, and has anti-odor, Natural function of anti-mite and anti-bacterial.
The choice of socks depends not only on the material, but also on the tightness, workmanship, tightness, smell and so on. The feet are the second heart of a person, and the comfort of socks directly affects the comfort of the feet, so it is extremely important to choose a pair of nice and comfortable socks.

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