What are the differences between stovepipe socks and compression socks

Update:12 Dec 2020

1. Different functions The role of compression stocking […]

1. Different functions
The role of compression stockings is to treat varicose veins, vasculitis, venous thrombosis and other lower limb venous diseases.
The function of stovepipe socks is to help thin legs beautify the legs and shape the body.

2. Different materials
Compression stockings are medical elastic stockings made of special materials with high elasticity such as DuPont Lycra and cotton.
Stovepipe socks are made of common materials such as nylon silk, so the price of stovepipe socks is also cheap.

3. Different units
Compression stockings are divided into units according to pressure. Compression stockings are generally divided into:
The primary pressure is mainly to prevent varicose veins;
The secondary pressure is mainly the treatment of mild varicose veins and the recovery treatment after varicose vein surgery;
The third grade pressure is mainly the treatment of severe varicose veins.
The unit of stovepipe socks is Deny number (D), such as 180D, 240D, 280D, 360D, 420D, etc. In theory, the higher the Danny number, the greater the pressure. But it is not that the greater the pressure, the better the effect.

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