What are the main categories of socks

Update:20 Oct 2021

Socks are used for heating. In addition to the basic fu […]

Socks are used for heating. In addition to the basic functions of heating, socks also have the functions of beautiful legs, medical treatment and deodorization.
Classified by efficacy
1. Medical elastic stockings, socks used to treat varicose veins, mainly used in hospitals.
2. Warm socks, that is, silk stockings we wear in summer and cotton socks in winter.
3. Stovepipe socks, used for thin legs, beautiful legs, and binding legs.
4. Deodorant socks, aimed at people with beriberi and sweaty feet.
Classified by model
Socks are classified according to the object of use, including men's socks, women's socks and children's socks.
According to the length of the stocking tube, there are stockings, middle stockings and short stockings;
According to the type of socks, there are household socks, Luokou socks and rubber socks
There are 5 socks according to the parameters: socks size, socks length, total length, mouth length and heel height

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