What are the maintenance and correct cleaning methods for socks

Update:13 Jul 2021

A socks is a small item, but everyone will wear it. Som […]

A socks is a small item, but everyone will wear it. Some people don't like to wash their socks. They will throw them away once they are worn. They feel sweaty, inconvenient to clean, and can't remove the smell.
Once a person walks, his feet will sweat, especially in summer. Many people don't like to wear sandals. Wearing other shoes will inevitably wear socks. It is also inevitable that sweating will cause the smell of sweat. Teach you some correct methods of cleaning socks, so that you don't have to worry about cleaning socks.
1. Make sure that there is no broken skin inside the shoes that may cause the socks to be hung, and it is best to put a cotton pad in the shoes just in case, the cotton pad can also prevent moisture and odor.
2. When washing woolen socks, first cut neutral soap with less alkali into soap flakes, dissolve them in hot water, and wait for the water to cool down, then put the socks in, soak for a while, and then gently scrub with your hands. For socks and heels with more dirt, rub some soap and rub until they are clean. After rubbing the socks, rinse them with clean water, dry them slightly, and dry them in a ventilated place or in the sun.

3. When washing the socks after passing through them, please pay attention: wash them separately. One is to prevent other clothes from being scratched by the zippers and other pendants, and the other is to prevent the spread of bacteria on the feet from other clothes, especially underwear.
4. Regardless of whether your socks are of good quality or poor quality, soak them with a little salt water before wearing them, and then take them out and let them dry naturally, so that the fibers will become stronger and more durable.
5. Some people's socks are prone to smelly, and they can't even be washed off with detergent. If they are washed with vinegar, the smell can be completely removed. After washing the socks with detergent, soak them in vinegar for a while, which not only deodorizes, but also sterilizes.
6. Ordinary cotton socks should be washed frequently and changed frequently. Soak them in clean water for about 1 hour after replacing them, then rub them with soap and wash with hot water, so that the dirt is easy to fall off.

Pure silk stockings, artificial silk stockings, nylon stockings, etc., when washing, also gently rub with soap, do not use too much force, socks should be dried in the shade after washing, do not expose to the sun or dry.
When washing woolen socks, the soap should be melted in hot water. After the water has cooled down, put the socks in and gently rub them with your hands. For the socks and heels with more dirt, you can rub soap again. Can be washed clean. After washing the socks, rinse them with water, squeeze them dry, hang them in a cool and ventilated place, or cover them with a white cloth and dry them in the sun.
These methods can effectively remove the dirt from the socks, clean them, and extend the life of the socks.

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