What are the materials of the socks?

Update:14 May 2021

  1.Combed Cotton Combed cotton uses a machine cal […]


1.Combed Cotton

Combed cotton uses a machine called a comber to remove the long and neat cotton fibers left after the shorter fibers in the ordinary fibers. Due to the removal of short cotton fibers and other fiber impurities, the cotton yarn spun from combed cotton is more delicate and the finished product feels smoother and more comfortable. It belongs to the middle and high-end cotton products.


2.Mercerized Cotton

Mercerized cotton refers to cotton fibers that are processed by mercerizing in a concentrated alkali solution. This kind of cotton fiber has better gloss than ordinary cotton fiber under the premise that the performance of other physical indicators does not change, it is more shiny, and it is less prone to wrinkles. Mercerized cotton can often be seen in thin summer socks.



Spandex is commonly known as elastic fiber, which has high elasticity and strong stretchability, and its stretched length can reach 5-7 times of the original fiber. Textile products with spandex can maintain the original contour. If the composition of the socks contains spandex, it can make the socks have elasticity and shrinkage, and make it easier to wear, so that the socks can fit more closely, just like a swimsuit, it can be tightly wrapped in the footsteps without slipping off.



Nylon was developed by American scientist Carothers and a scientific research team under his leadership. It is the first synthetic fiber in the world. The emergence of nylon has brought a new look to textiles. It is a major breakthrough in the synthetic fiber industry, and it is also a polymer chemistry. An important milestone for



Compared with natural fibers, polyester has good elasticity and bulkiness, and the woven socks are lighter. However, polyester has low moisture content, poor air permeability, poor dyeability, easy pilling, and easy staining.


6.Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo fiber, which is more popular in recent years, is also a kind of viscose fiber. The raw material of bamboo fiber comes from bamboo. As bamboo is regenerated much faster than wood, it has better environmental protection characteristics in this industrialized contemporary society. The bamboo fiber fabric also has the characteristics of soft and elegant, comfortable to the touch, and is not resistant to wear, moisture absorption, quick-drying and breathable. It is different from cotton, wood and other viscose fibers in that it has good antibacterial properties and health care effects.

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