What are the precautions for buying socks

Update:11 Aug 2021

Polyester, also known as polyester fiber, is a cheap fi […]

Polyester, also known as polyester fiber, is a cheap fiber material. In addition to being strong, abrasion-resistant, and light-weight, polyester socks are not breathable and have poor moisture absorption. Because of the disadvantages of the raw materials, not only can it not be antibacterial, but it is also easy to breed bacteria, so the probability of causing foot odor is much higher.

Matters needing attention when buying socks:
1. Pay attention to fiber density. When buying socks, you should pay attention to the fiber density of socks. It is not recommended to buy them if they are too loose. In addition, you can also prepare several pairs of high-quality socks such as split toe socks and arch band socks. Specifically, there are several methods for selection and comparison.
2. Choose less wool socks: Socks made of this material are not good at absorbing sweat, and tend to keep your feet wet and cause bacteria.
3. Choose a fit and size: The socks should fit perfectly, not too tight or too loose. If the socks are too large, the extra fiber will increase friction and damage the skin of the feet.
4. Size selection: The size specification of socks is based on the size of the bottom of the socks (referring to the part from the heel to the toe of the socks) as the standard. Usually the size will be marked on the trademark. It is better to choose an equal or slightly larger size according to the length of the foot, and it is not advisable to choose a smaller size.

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