What fabric is better for socks

Update:04 Nov 2021

Socks fabric: 1. Pure cotton fabric When the pure cotto […]

Socks fabric:
1. Pure cotton fabric
When the pure cotton fabric comes into contact with flames, it burns faster and turns into ashes in an instant. After leaving the flame, the remaining part will continue to burn, and the remaining ashes are grayish-white. Twist it delicately and loosely with your hands, and smell the smell of burning paper in the air.
Second, the fabric of wool
When the wool fabric comes into contact with flames, it burns more slowly, and the ashes after burning are black. Twist lightly with your hands and feel crisp. Because wool contains protein components, there will be a greater odor in the air after being ignited.
Three, velvet fabric
Velvet fabrics are more advanced in socks fabrics, but socks manufacturers take into account the different grades of consumers, and the velvet content in each type of socks is also different. You have to know that when stretching both ends of the socks with both hands, the better the elasticity, the higher the velvet content. Velvet socks look smoother, feel soft and comfortable to wear, and are particularly close-fitting, and the socks can be worn for a long time.
Socks should also be selected according to climate change and the color of clothing. Dark socks should be worn in cold weather and flesh-colored socks in warm weather. Generally, high socks should be worn when wearing skirts, but medium socks should not be worn, otherwise it will give people the feeling of short and thick calves. Tights can be worn in cold weather, which can keep warm and tuck your abdomen to make your figure more beautiful.

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