What is the difference between single stitch socks and double stitch socks

Update:04 Sep 2020

There thick needle socks is only one syringe for a sing […]

There thick needle socks is only one syringe for a single needle, and two syringes for a double bai needle. The machine looks like the du single-needle syringe and another syringe is reversed. dao
The difference between the products made by the two machines is that the single needle cylinder is double-layered, which is used for weaving plain weaves and loops. The double-cylinder socks are single-layered, and the double-cylinder is used to weave patterns with unevenness.


200N Red white normal terry socks


Structural socks are composed of three parts: socks, socks and socks. The socks include the heel, the sole, the back and the toe of the socks. The function of the sock mouth is to keep the edge of the sock from falling off and close to the leg. There are 5 main parameters of socks: sock size, sock bottom length, total length, mouth length and heel height.


Specifications The specifications of the socks are indicated by the sock size, and the sock size is based on the actual length of the socks as the standard, so you can choose the right socks after you know your foot length. However, due to the different raw materials used in the socks, they are also different in the socks series.


Among them, elastic nylon socks have a difference of 2cm in length as the first gear; cotton yarn socks, nylon stockings, and blended socks,have a difference of 1cm as the first gear. It can be summarized in 6 words: "tight, loose, large, light, uniform, and clear", that is, the crotch and the tube are tight, the bottom of the socks should be loose, the heel of the socks is large, the surface of the socks is smooth, and the crotch is flat without skew and stitch patterns The organization is clear, and the pattern, toe, and heel have no exposed needles.

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