What kind of material is good for socks?

Update:29 May 2020

Socks are our personal items, what material should we c […]

Socks are our personal items, what material should we choose? Especially fat people or friends who like to eat meat have a lot of beriberi. Choose socks more carefully, choose improperly. This is how stinky feet come from. Sweat-absorbent breathable cotton socks are your choice.

What material does socks absorb sweat, breathable and deodorant feet? Combed cotton socks, antibacterial, deodorant and antistatic. Main ingredients: combed cotton (antibacterial and disinfection-treated), carbon fiber (increased toughness), synthetic yarn (similar to spacesuit material, antistatic, especially soft and tough. Especially after treatment, such as antibacterial treatment. The effect is good sweat absorption performance , Sterilization, increase friction, relatively soft, not stinky feet. Combed cotton socks, bamboo fiber cotton socks are cotton socks. Not only the fabric is comfortable, the appearance is also very good. Whether it is placed on the hand or worn on the foot It ’s very comfortable and enjoyable.

The material of socks is probably the following:

1. Silk socks are not easy to stink feet, but there are few real silk socks on the market. One disadvantage of silk socks is that they are not wear-resistant and can easily break holes.

2. The deodorant effect of socks with higher natural fibers will be better. Natural fibers include cotton, hemp and silk, among which hemp has a good effect, which not only absorbs sweat well, but also has antibacterial effect.

3. Hemp-containing socks are relatively rare in China. We can choose cotton socks with high cotton content, which is not only good for sweat absorption and ventilation, but also economical and suitable for public purchase.

4. Socks with a high chemical fiber content. In general, such socks not only have poor sweat absorption and deodorization functions, but also are not ideal in elasticity and shape retention. It is generally not recommended to buy such socks.

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