What kind of socks prevent foot odor?

Update:06 Feb 2021

1. Bamboo fiber socks Why don't the feet of bamboo fibe […]

1. Bamboo fiber socks

Why don't the feet of bamboo fiber socks smelly? Because it is made of natural bamboo as raw material, it is made into bamboo pulp by high-tech methods, spun into yarn, and made into socks. What kind of socks do not smell bad, why wear bamboo fiber socks? Because bamboo fiber has a unique structure with multiple holes, bamboo fiber socks are breathable and sweat-absorbent, soft and comfortable. Because there is a natural antibacterial substance in bamboo called bamboo kun, bamboo fiber socks have natural antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-mites and deodorant special functions, which can effectively remove odors and make the feet dry and comfortable.

2. Pure cotton socks

Sports sock have better air permeability. Generally, foot odor is caused by sweaty feet due to poor air permeability of socks. Good cotton socks will not cause athlete's foot as long as they pay attention to hygiene. What I want to remind everyone here is that no matter what socks you wear, you must pay attention to hygiene. Wash your feet frequently to avoid foot odor. Wearing socks that don’t smell bad is just a solution, and washing frequently is the kingly way.

3.Silk socks

Silk socks are not too easy to smelly feet, but real silk stockings on the market are not very common, but one of the more regrettable places is that silk socks are not very wear-resistant and easily break.

What socks to keep warm in winter?

The wool socks with the strongest heat retention are followed by rabbit fur socks. However, both of these socks are easier to shed, depending on whether you can accept them.

Rabbit fur socks

The fibers are soft, fluffy, good in warmth retention, good in moisture absorption, but low in strength. Most of them are blended. Commonly used rabbit hair content is 70% rabbit hair and 30% nylon.

Wool socks

Mainly composed of an insoluble protein, good elasticity, full hand feeling, strong moisture absorption capacity, good warmth retention, not easy to stain, soft luster, excellent dyeability, due to a unique milling property, it generally needs to undergo shrink-proof treatment Only then can the size of the fabric be guaranteed. The disadvantage is that sweaty feet are not easy to dry.

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