Which is better, pure cotton yarn or artificial cotton yarn?

Update:28 Nov 2020

As the name suggests, pure cotton yarn is 100% cotton y […]

As the name suggests, pure cotton yarn is 100% cotton yarn, and all the components of cotton yarn are spun from cotton fiber.
Rayon yarn is a yarn spun from rayon, also known as viscose fiber. It is a rayon fiber, which is very similar to cotton, but it is much cheaper than cotton and has many advantages. It belongs to regenerated cellulose fiber.
Which is better for pure cotton yarn or artificial cotton yarn to produce the same product? This depends on their respective uses.

The use of artificial cotton yarn
Rayon yarn has a wide range of uses. It can be used as weaving yarns, such as bed sheets, quilts, curtains and other home textiles. It can also be used as knitting yarns, especially combed yarns in rayon yarns can be used to produce higher quality requirements. High textiles, such as high-end singlets, fine-sized poplin, etc., cotton yarn can also be used to produce electrical yellow wax cloth, tire cord fabric, high-speed sewing thread and embroidery thread for special industries. ?

Pure cotton yarn use
100% cotton gauze, double-faced, very versatile: it can be used to make sweat-absorbent towels for babies, and it is also very suitable for newborn babies to use as towels, bath towels, body towels, all kinds of high-end clothing, T-shirts, pajamas, etc. .

How to distinguish between pure cotton yarn and artificial cotton yarn
1. Artificial cotton has good luster and smooth feel, and it is easy to distinguish it from cotton yarn.
2. The easiest way to distinguish between rayon and full cotton is to put these two kinds of cloth in the water at the same time. Because rayon is super absorbent, which piece of rayon sinks quickly which absorbs water is rayon.

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