• How to buy ski shoes and socks?


    When skiing, wearing ski shoes and socks that are suitable for you can better ski, and it can also prevent us from falling and getting injured. So how to choose the right ski shoes and socks, I will share with you below. 1. Comfort The higher the hardness of the ski shoe, the har...

  • Teach you how to "wear" socks correctly


    It is said that the feet are the second heart of a person. For the health of the feet, a good pair of socks may be as important as a good pair of shoes. But few people care about the choice of socks. Most of them buy and wear at will, and wash them at will. They don’t notice the ...

  • How to choose running socks to improve running comfort?


    As we all know, running shoes are very important for running. They can protect the feet of runners and reduce the impact of the ground on the knees. Therefore, many people often ignore the protection of socks on their feet. In fact, the humble equipment of socks also needs to be ...

  • What is the difference between nylon 66 and nylon 6?


    The main variety of nylon is aliphatic polyamide fiber, which can be synthesized with a monomer, such as lactam or amino acid. At this time, the Arabic numerals after the nylon name indicate the number of carbon atoms of the lactam or amino acid used, such as nylon 6, nylon 11, e...

  • What are the differences between stovepipe socks and compression socks


    1. Different functions The role of compression stockings is to treat varicose veins, vasculitis, venous thrombosis and other lower limb venous diseases. The function of stovepipe socks is to help thin legs beautify the legs and shape the body. 2. Different materials Compression s...

  • How to clean socks?


    1. Cotton socks Ordinary cotton socks can be soaked in water for several hours after being taken off, and then rubbed and washed with hot water, soap and laundry detergent, so that the dirt is easily washed off.   2. Wool socks When washing woolen socks, slice the neutral so...

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