• Which is better, pure cotton yarn or artificial cotton yarn?


    As the name suggests, pure cotton yarn is 100% cotton yarn, and all the components of cotton yarn are spun from cotton fiber. Rayon yarn is a yarn spun from rayon, also known as viscose fiber. It is a rayon fiber, which is very similar to cotton, but it is much cheaper than cotto...

  • How to buy sports socks


    Considering the purpose and wearing objects, socks are divided into cotton yarn socks, real silk socks, wool socks, nylon stockings, nylon silk elastic stockings, and various interwoven and blended socks and sports socks according to the raw materials. Cotton yarn socks have poor...

  • Features and functions of cycling socks


    Cycling socks must have the characteristics of moisture absorption, perspiration, wear resistance, and non-deformation. The outer layer must be wear-resistant and not deformed, and the inner layer must be able to absorb moisture and perspiration. Therefore, Coolmax, Lycra, and we...

  • What kind of sports socks should I choose for summer running


    In summer, you can choose sports socks that reach the ankle length. You can choose to have a large number of filling holes on the heel and forefoot, plus the silk mesh part of the midfoot, which will make you feel cool even in the hottest weather.    In addition, choosing th...

  • How to fold socks that are beautiful and practical


    If the clutter in the kitchen and living room is particularly complicated and troublesome to clean up, then the wardrobe in the bedroom is the hardest hit area. In winter, I want to turn over winter clothes. It’s too much trouble, too messy to remember how many clothes I have. So...

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo fiber socks


    1. Foot odor, bamboo fiber socks have good perspiration and ventilation effects, and have good deodorizing effects in summer. 2. Prevent athlete's foot. Bamboo fiber socks can kill most of the foot bacteria and prevent the spread of athlete's foot and other bacteria. Secondly, at...

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