• Which material of socks is the best


    When shopping for socks, we usually pay attention to the material of the socks, and some merchants also use "pure cotton" as a selling point when selling them, so is "pure cotton" necessarily the best? For socks, cotton is the most mainstream fabric. Generally speaking, the bette...

  • What are the maintenance and correct cleaning methods for socks


    A socks is a small item, but everyone will wear it. Some people don't like to wash their socks. They will throw them away once they are worn. They feel sweaty, inconvenient to clean, and can't remove the smell. Once a person walks, his feet will sweat, especially in summer. Many ...

  • What kind of socks are good?


    1. The most familiar socks material fabric: Cotton (Cotton) We usually like to wear pure cotton flat knit socks, but is pure cotton 100% cotton? The answer of the hosiery expert is no. If the composition of a pair of socks is 100% cotton, then this pair of socks is cotton. Usuall...

  • Suitable for portal socks in summer?


    1. Boat socks Boat socks are also called "ankle socks", "boat socks", and "ultra-short socks". They are very short socks with the mouth below the ankles, so short that the socks cannot be seen after wearing the shoes (or just look at the socks). To the edge of the socks), also kn...

  • How to choose the right sports socks?


    1. Look at the type of exercise Sports socks should try to choose cotton fabrics. When running, it is recommended to choose pure cotton socks. When running, the soles of the feet are easy to sweat, and pure cotton socks have the characteristics of sweat absorption and good air pe...

  • What are the types of sports socks?


    1. Yoga socks Yoga exercises mainly practice flexibility and balance, and some difficult movements are generally practiced barefoot, so choosing socks is especially important. The bottom of the yoga socks has a rubber particle anti-skid design. The special anti-skid socks can eff...

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