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Update:09 Jan 2020

There are many types of socks. According to the length […]

There are many types of socks. According to the length of the socks, there are stockings, middle socks, short socks, and boat socks (invisible socks). According to the types of socks, there are hukou socks, crotch socks, and oak socks. According to the use object, there are male socks, female socks and children's socks. The round socks are organized in three parts: the mouth, the tube and the foot. The specifications of socks are expressed by the size of the socks, and the size of the socks is based on the actual length of the bottom of the socks, so you can choose socks that fit your feet once you know the length of your feet. Due to the different raw materials used in socks, they are also different in the size series.
In the 1960s, the miniskirt designed by British designer Mary Quant was popular all over the world. Skirts became shorter and shorter, tall socks dwarfed, garter belts were abandoned, socks and underwear became one, and pantyhose was born. Its comfort and convenience have made women all over the world love it, and this model is enduring. Humans have a long history of wearing socks. According to incomplete research, the earliest in China can be traced back to the Yellow Emperor's time, and their feet were wrapped in sesame. In Europe, it can be traced back to Rome in the 5th century BC. Pantyhose, also known as tights or pantyhose, is a garment that tightly covers the body from the waist to the feet, and is mostly worn by women. Like stockings, there are many materials, such as cotton, nylon, and wool blends. Pantyhose appeared in the 1960s and became an alternative form of stockings. The term "pantyhose" appears in the United States, meaning a combination of trousers and socks. It is called "tights" in the UK, regardless of thickness. Tights are also used in the United States to represent thick opaque pantyhose-like clothing, usually worn by women, dancers, and athletes.
The advantages of wearing pantyhose
There are many reasons to wear pantyhose. The transparent thin pantyhose that matches the skin tone can enhance the look and feel of the legs and make the legs look smooth and shiny. Dark pantyhose can shape the legs and make them look slim. Brown pantyhose can give a good interpretation of tanned legs: a pair of "instant suntan" legs. Pantyhose also has practical value at the same time, it can keep warm in cold weather, and even make people show their legs in winter. Adding spandex (or lycra, spandex) pantyhose can help to promote blood circulation in the legs through stress. Pantyhose is a standard outfit in today's world office, where they are considered a professional form of women's clothing. Although it is popular among girls to directly expose their legs, socks are still needed for official occasions that require formal attire. Some uniformed schools often require wearing designated socks (some are pantyhose or tights) as part of their uniform. Girls also often wear pantyhose made of cotton, wool or cotton-wool blends to keep them warm in cooler weather.
Pantyhose type
There are many styles of pantyhose. Its thickness is specified by a standard (denier), from 3 (very rare, extremely thin, almost completely transparent) to 20 (standard thickness), to 30 (translucent), to 40, 80, 120 (opaque) . Pantyhose is sold in a variety of colors and textures (fabrics). In commercial settings, textures are often moderate, shadows are often brown-gray, gray, and black. Popular styles for leisure activities wear more colors and textures.
Pantyhose fabric
Pantyhose made of nylon or spandex (Spandex) maintains the original elasticity and shape properties. However, nylon is a material that is relatively easy to break, and it is very common to scrape it on sharp objects. And cotton and cotton-wool blend pantyhose is more warm. The popular pantyhose nowadays has a standard manufacturing structure. The upper part (waist) is very elastic. The hips are thicker than the legs (except for some dance pantyhose). The bottom of the crotch is also made of a stronger material, usually made of cotton. The legs and feet, all the way to the toes, are made with the thinnest weave, and the toes are thickened to repair them.
Pantyhose and men
Interestingly, the stockings that wrap around the legs used to be popular clothes for men (Europeans in the 16th century), invented by Scot.L.Maddox. The lady at the time covered her legs in public. However, tradition is reversed, with men wearing trousers and women exposing their legs. In the 20th century, pantyhose was purchased by women in huge quantities. However, men's pantyhose have appeared on the market. They are known for keeping warm, improving blood circulation, and also improving look and comfort. Amazingly, men's pantyhose became part of the Iraq war. "One of the things American soldiers in Iraq need is pantyhose. Back in the past as a player, BartStarr said he wore pantyhose to keep him warm while playing rugby. This probably made some people stingy, but pantyhose does It's a way for the American soldiers to defend against nasty sand fleas. "
Generally refers to stockings worn with skirts. Although trans-century women have soured slogans such as "return to nature", they have never forgotten their love for the less "natural" stockings.
Double needle jacquard stockings
It is said that silk stockings were first created by the Spaniards, and have led the show for a long time. In the 16th century, French courts and ladies of high society were keen to import stockings imported from Spain, with red, orange and purple as fashionable. According to sources, the first stockings knitting machine was invented by the Englishman William Lee in 1589. Stockings are undoubtedly the stage for women's monopoly, but at the beginning of the invention and for a long time afterwards, its main service target was men. In the 16th and 17th centuries, men wearing bulky shorts, stockings (sometimes exposed with ribbon bows and fixed stockings), and high heels were more decorative and fatter than modern girls wearing miniskirts. In the 15th century, motley stockings were also popular. The legs are different in color and colorful. Chinese men have not tried the taste of stockings. Stockings were introduced by women in the early 20th century. The biggest trouble it brings is easy to hook and take off. Stockings are basically knitwear, which are interlocking. As long as one of the sections is disengaged, the flow will be straight and the next will be out of control. Whether it's the mysterious "strange circle anti-hook" stockings in the ordinary market or the "crystal socks" that add confidence by name, this kind of embarrassment can't be changed much.
famous brand
1. WOLFORD: Austria's top underwear brand in Europe. Its most admired fist product in the fashion industry is its stockings. WOLFORD's stockings are probably the best stockings in the world. The AURA5 stockings produced by its family are the thinnest stockings in the world. The unit of fiber denier of the socks has reached an incredible 5DEN. Nicole Kidman and Faye Wong are the most loyal users.
2. VICTORIA'SSECRET: a famous American top lingerie brand. The lingerie produced by it is a collection of American fashion women. VICTORIA'SSECRET launched a BRA product called "Extreme Fantasy" in 2004 that shocked the international fashion circle. The base of the BRA is made of white gold. The cover is covered with 2990 small diamonds and is set with a large diamond weighing 70 carats. The price is as high as $ 10 million. !! !!
3. GERBE: It is second to none in France and can be as famous as the top French lingerie brand with HERMES and LOUISVUITTON. Its history has been
Stockings (2 photos)
Sutra has been for almost 100 years. GERBE's stockings are its flagship product and one of the symbols of French luxury and fashion. GERBE's fashion press conferences are often held together with fashion shows of luxury brands such as CHANEL and DIOR. Many times when the top models are wearing the new models of CHANEL and THIERRYMUGLER, the stockings they wear are GERBE!
4. FALKE: Europe's largest and also the oldest top lingerie brand. Franz Falke Rohen was founded in Germany in 1895 and has a full 111-year history! Is one of the representatives of Germany's top fashion brands.
FO5. FOGAL: Switzerland not only has the best watches in the world, but also produces the world's top underwear brands. FOGAL is one of the few best underwear brands in the world and a brand used by many European and American stars. FOGAL opened its first store in Zurich, Switzerland in 1920, and has a long history of 86 years. As early as the 1950s, FOGAL was a top brand worshipped by American stars, and a generation of celebrities Marilyn Monroe is a loyal user of FOGAL.
LA 6. LAPERLA: The most luxurious and expensive lingerie brand in the world (except VICTORIA'SSECRET's "Extreme Fantasy"), it is the pride of Italy's top luxury fashion, and is better than another well-known luxury lingerie brand in Italy.
LEVANTE is even more crazy. LAPERLA is a dream, a noble dream. If you are a top fashion buyer, if there are so many high-end underwear brands indecisive, you just need to choose LAPERLA and throw away the rest. LAPERLA not only produces the most distinguished underwear, beachwear, stockings, dresses, evening dresses, etc., but also produces top heels and perfumes. LAPERLA's subordinates also have sub-brands such as MALIZIA, MARVEL, GIORGIOPERLA men's clothing, JOELLE pajamas and so on.
Barge socks are very short socks, short enough to see the socks or only the edges of the socks after wearing shoes. The material is cotton, and the material is cotton instead of pure cotton. The name of the "sock socks" is because the shape of the socks is like a boat. Because it is at most as long as the ankle, it is also called "ankle socks" or "boat socks." In Taiwan, it is mostly called "invisible socks". Socks are usually not visible behind shoes.
Gradient socks are socks that gradually change from one color to another from the middle. There are gradient socks, leggings. Gradient socks evolved from gradient hair. Gradient color refers to the color of an object, a soft blended color, from light to dark, or from deep to light, or transition from one color to another, full of mysterious and romantic atmosphere. Gradient color The more popular color in the hairdressing industry in recent years is a special hair coloring effect that uses the blending of hair dye cream to make a color change from the root to the end of the hair.

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