What are the benefits of cotton socks

Update:31 Jul 2020

1. Hygroscopicity Cotton fiber has better bai hygroscop […]

1. Hygroscopicity

Cotton fiber has better bai hygroscopicity, because under normal conditions, the fiber can absorb moisture contained in the atmosphere into the surrounding air, and the moisture content of the atmosphere is 8-10%, so pure cotton socks are directly Contact with human skin will make people feel soft but not stiff.

And if the humidity around the cotton cloth increases and the surrounding temperature is higher, all the moisture contained in the fiber will evaporate, so that the fabric can maintain a water balance and make people feel comfortable. 

2. Moisturizing

Because cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, the thermal conductivity is very low, and because cotton fiber itself has many advantages such as porosity and high elasticity, a large amount of air can accumulate between the fibers, and the air is heat and electricity. Poor conductor, so pure cotton fiber textiles have good moisture retention, and people feel warm when wearing pure cotton clothing.

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