What material is good for making socks?

Update:15 May 2020

At present, there are many materials for producing sock […]

At present, there are many materials for producing socks, especially novel socks. Before a sock factory produces socks, it is important for sock manufacturers to understand the commonly used sock materials. For ordinary people, knowing the best material for socks helps to choose the right socks according to their individual needs. Some common types of sock fabrics are listed below.

The first on our list is acrylic, which is a strong fiber that is both warm and soft. The characteristics of this artificial fabric make it match brighter tones than any natural fiber.

Angola, named after the Angolan rabbit, because it is the fur of a rabbit. Such fibers are usually mixed with other fibers and are known to be fluffy.

bamboo fiber
This fiber comes from bamboo, a very fast-growing plant. Bamboo is more breathable and softer than cotton. It may be mistaken for silk because of its natural luster. Bamboo is a good fabric or material for socks because it is strong, soft, microbial, and hypoallergenic. Bamboo socks are suitable for sweaty feet.

This fiber is named after the cashmere goat, and like Angola fiber, it also comes from animals. Cashmere goats are a source of comfortable and soft luxury fibers. Many socks are made of cashmere fiber.

This is another fabric used to make socks. It is a polyester that removes moisture from the skin.

This is a fiber used to make socks all over the world. It is one of the most popular fibers known to humans, and is known to be durable, lightweight, washable, hygroscopic and breathable.

Its hygroscopic properties make it a well-loved fabric. The cotton used to make socks is usually mixed with nylon to help the movement of moisture in the feet.

Before you wash your cotton socks, it is important to pay attention to whether it is pre-shrinkable. If not, you should avoid using hot dryer circulation or hot water.

To avoid shrinkage of these shoes, you can wash them in cold water while hanging them on a rope to dry. Although it is known whether insect pests and drought affect cotton production, cotton is visible all over the world.

Delhi Max
This fiber is a special form of olefin fabric. They are manufactured through antimicrobial treatment to ensure that it is free of odor and moisture.

Spandex / spandex / spandex
The fibers listed above are made of synthetic fiber polyurethane. In many cases, spandex has been used to replace rubber.

Spandex is usually combined with other fibers to give the socks the necessary comfort, elasticity, and tight fit they need. It allows additional support.

Elastic spandex
This is a special type of spandex because it has a core but is coated with nylon to ensure extreme stretch.

This fiber has been around for many years, and it is known that it is extracted from the skin of the stem. This fiber is good for socks because it is soft, shiny and soft. As we all know, it is more powerful than cotton, although it is not as flexible as cotton.

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