How to buy sports socks

Update:14 Nov 2020

Considering the purpose and wearing objects, socks are […]

Considering the purpose and wearing objects, socks are divided into cotton yarn socks, real silk socks, wool socks, nylon stockings, nylon silk elastic stockings, and various interwoven and blended socks and sports socks according to the raw materials.

Cotton yarn socks have poor fastness and wear resistance.

Wool socks are generally knitted with double-strand knitted velvet, which has strong warmth retention, good elasticity and moisture absorption.

Nylon stockings and elastic nylon stockings have good strength and wear resistance, and elastic nylon stockings also have the advantages of fluffy, soft, elastic and good warmth retention.

Daily wear should be comfortable and breathable, while sports wear should be soft and wear-resistant; if your feet sweat, you should buy cotton sports socks that are breathable and moisture-absorbing; children's socks should try to choose a simple structure, light color, Hosiery with a smooth surface.

After washing and wearing socks, it is recommended to follow the instructions on the label for a washing treatment before wearing them.

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