How to care for socks

Update:19 Jun 2020

Even if socks are a daily necessity, most people will n […]

Even if socks are a daily necessity, most people will not take it into their minds or spend time taking care of socks like other clothes. But if you want your high-end socks to live longer or make the socks you wear everyday soft and comfortable, then you have to take care of your socks in the right way. of course,
If there is a washing label attached to the sock factory on the sock, you can follow the above care guide, if not, you can try the following method.

A. Cleaning

1. Wash socks and other clothes separately or at least put them in a mesh laundry bag and wash them together. This will avoid fluffing and will not damage the material of the sock.
2. Turn over and wash again, the front of the sock will not fluff to maintain the appearance of the sock.
3. Turn the washing machine to slow speed washing with cold water and mild detergent. If the temperature is too high, the material and elasticity of the sock will be damaged. Some materials such as wool may shrink due to the high temperature.
4. Some socks with antibacterial and deodorant effects must not be washed with bleach.
5. Don't use the dryer to dry, the high temperature in the dryer really hurts the socks. If drying is absolutely necessary, use low temperature drying. But still pay attention to the instructions on the washing label, some socks can not be dried with a dryer. It is best to let the socks hang naturally to dry. This is one of the most important considerations for taking care of socks. But don't hang the soaked woolen socks to dry, and lay them dry.
6. Avoid ironing and dry cleaning. The high temperature in the dry cleaning machine can hurt socks, as does the iron.

B. Storage

Do not roll the sock into a ball shape, as this will damage the material of the sock and also make the sock very loose to wear. Lay the socks flat or simply fold them in a drawer dedicated to socks.

C. Wear socks

1. Socks must fit your feet. Wear too small socks. The socks are easy to break holes. If they are too large, they will form wrinkles, making you uncomfortable walking and grinding your feet.
2. It is important to cut your toes and keep your feet clean, which is very important to maintain the condition of the socks, which can make the socks beautiful and longevity.

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