Small secrets for men's cotton socks

Update:15 Jun 2020

The weather in spring is slowly picking up, and people […]

The weather in spring is slowly picking up, and people have changed to breathable socks. People who are prone to sweating should choose better quality sweat-absorbent cotton socks to prevent the odor generated by sweating from affecting your life. Choosing pure cotton socks has always been the best standard for men. But bright and comfortable short-sock socks have become the first choice for young people. There are many types of men's cotton socks and different styles. Which one do you like?


Usually we like to choose pure cotton socks, but is pure cotton 100% cotton? The answer of the hosiery expert is no, that is, there is no 100% cotton socks. If the composition of a pair of socks is 100% cotton, then the pair of socks are completely inelastic, and the socks must be woven with a very wide socks before they can fit in. I can imagine how socks are not good.

Men who like sports in the spring should choose the middle tube socks. Under vigorous exercise, the socks can prevent the socks from sliding down, and the tightness makes the feet feel more comfortable. The bright color of the leaked socks shows the personality and fashionable wild experience.

Men's stealth boat socks have been popular for a long time. Boat socks originally originated in Japan and are used for barefoot wearing in the house. Now they are popular all over the world. They are socks that open at the instep. After wearing, they look like a boat, so they are named "boat socks". Cut and sew different styles of knitted fabrics, add sponge pads, sock lace lace, etc.

100% cotton socks have a particularly high shrinkage rate and are not strong or durable. 100% cotton socks are not called cotton socks, but cotton. Generally, socks with a cotton content of more than 75% can be called "cotton socks". Generally, socks with a cotton content of 85% are very high-grade cotton socks. Others also need to add some functional fibers to maintain the elasticity, fastness and comfort of the socks. Polyester, spandex and nylon are very common functional fibers.

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