How to clean socks?

Update:04 Dec 2020

1. Cotton socks Ordinary cotton socks can be soaked in […]

1. Cotton socks
Ordinary cotton socks can be soaked in water for several hours after being taken off, and then rubbed and washed with hot water, soap and laundry detergent, so that the dirt is easily washed off.


2. Wool socks
When washing woolen socks, slice the neutral soap and dissolve it in hot water. After the water cools to below 30 degrees, soak it in the socks for 5 minutes, and gently scrub with your hands. For socks and heels with more dirt, rub some soap and rub until they are clean. Rinse with clean water after rubbing, gently squeeze it dry, spread it out and flatten it with your hands, dry in the shade in a ventilated place, not directly exposed to the sun.



3. Stockings, nylon hosiery
When washing, it should be gently rubbed in soapy water or synthetic detergent below 40℃, and should not be rubbed vigorously. After washing, socks should be dried in the shade, not exposed to the sun and fire. It should be washed separately. Because it is not easy to get dirty, the stockings are best soaked in cold detergent for 30 minutes, and then gently rubbed with your hands. Then put the stockings in a ventilated place to dry naturally (the stockings are best laid flat, such as hanging Drying will affect the elasticity of the stockings). It is best not to expose them directly to the sun, so as not to damage the fiber (elasticity) of the stockings by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This will make your stockings durable and not easy to break.

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