How to match the terry socks

Update:14 Oct 2021

What are terry socks? How about terry socks? It is esti […]

What are terry socks? How about terry socks? It is estimated that many people have worn socks for decades, and they may not understand it yet. Terry socks are commonly known as towel socks. Turn the socks upside down and you will see that they are covered with hairy loops, which are like a face towel. Therefore, they are called terry socks or towel socks.
Because this kind of socks feels thicker to the touch, many people will say: Yeah! It must be comfortable to wear this winter! In fact, this is only half right! Terry socks are of course good for keeping warm in winter, and there are also half-terry boat socks that are specially suitable for summer and autumn.
The so-called half-terry means that there are only loops on the bottom of the socks, and the instep is thin. Why is the half-terry thick to the touch, but suitable for summer?
Because the loop structure of the bottom of the sock forms a natural breathable layer, each loop is like a breathable sweat pore, so it is more breathable than thin cotton socks; secondly, the thick loops of the sock bottom are formed The cushion layer makes the socks not easy to burst, so they are particularly strong.
The most important thing is to absorb sweat. Everyone knows that it is impossible for the feet to not sweat in summer. The comfort and uncomfortable socks are mainly due to the sweat absorption. The sweat absorption capacity of terry socks is several times that of ordinary socks! Therefore, it is more suitable for summer wear. Wearing such thick socks will make your feet drier! More comfortable!
Everyone knows that socks are always easy to break toe, heels and soles, and half-looped socks have loops, even if the feet are not honest, it is difficult to break!
Generally, three pairs of ordinary socks are worn out, but not one pair of socks with looped bottoms!
So many people who have worn it say: Terry socks, one pair tops three pairs, it is not an exaggeration!
In addition, the terry socks are particularly comfortable, and the terry on the bottom of the foot walks like stepping on a carpet, soft and slightly elastic. But leather shoes are not suitable for terry socks.
If you are a fashionable casual person and like to wear jeans and casual clothes, then you must wear sports shoes and canvas shoes; this is the only way to coordinate.
If you wear sneakers, canvas shoes or other casual shoes, you must wear terry socks! They are a "natural perfect match"!
In short, the characteristics of terry bottom socks are breathable, sweat-absorbent, super wear-resistant, elastic and not easy to burst!
Be sure to remember: if you are a fashionable casual group, you must also wear half-terry boat socks in summer! Let your feet feel different!

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