What are non-slip socks? Why are non-slip socks more and more popular?

Update:25 Sep 2020

Anti-slip socks have been widely used abroad for a long […]

Anti-slip socks have been widely used abroad for a long time. In recent years, with people's continuous pursuit of health and comfort, anti-slip socks have also been widely promoted and applied in China. What is anti-slip socks? Anti-slip socks are provided with short rubber bumps on the outside of the sole of the socks. The bottom surface is relatively thick, and there will be uneven grain on the top, which increases the contact area with the floor and makes the center of gravity more Good stability, to achieve the anti-slip effect. Floor non-slip socks are generally unique in shape and simple. Its bottom surface is thicker, and there will be uneven graininess on the top surface, which increases the contact area with the floor to achieve anti-slip effect.

Of course, non-slip socks are becoming more and more popular, and it is far more than this. There are many areas where non-slip socks can be used.

For people who love to exercise, they wear non-slip socks with glue on the soles of their feet. The socks and shoes are more stable, so that exercise is not only easier, but also has a health care effect on the feet.

For children in amusement parks, it certainly plays a role of anti-skid protection. In many places where children play, shoes will have edges and corners, bare feet will sweat, slippery and bacteria, but wearing non-slip socks is not only comfortable Hygiene and safer.

For babies who just know how to walk and learn to walk at home, parents usually wear socks for their children. With the popularity of anti-skid socks, babies are more suitable for toddlers to wear anti-skid socks.

In short, we found that anti-slip socks are not only comfortable, but also have anti-slip function, which increases safety and protection. No wonder they have become more and more popular in recent years.

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