What are the custom details of the non-slip invisible boat socks

Update:10 Mar 2022

Invisible boat socks are a special kind of socks. As th […]

Invisible boat socks are a special kind of socks. As the name suggests, invisible socks are socks that cannot be seen when you put on shoes. This is loved by fashionable youth and ladies, wear a pair of breathable and beautiful invisible socks, which are both comfortable and beautiful.
As a mid-to-high-end socks customization manufacturer, Haining Mengli Knitting Co., Ltd has always paid great attention to the details of socks customization. Next, I will introduce to you the details of custom non-slip invisible boat socks.
Sock body: The unique design of the net banyan hollow, super breathable;
Toe: high knitting density, smooth workmanship;
Socks: Y-heel design, wrapped around the ring, comfortable swimming, comfortable and uncompromising feet, 270-degree three-dimensional ring design, fit and wrap the feet, the heel and toe are reinforced and encrypted, and it is durable and wear-resistant.
Heel: The unique design of silicone inside the heel fits the heel to prevent slipping.

200N Orange blue super invisible series flat knit socks

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