What are the ways to match boys' socks?

Update:10 Oct 2020

Speaking of socks, I believe everyone is familiar with […]

Speaking of socks, I believe everyone is familiar with it, but I believe you must not know the importance of matching socks with clothes. In fact, the combination of socks can even improve the overall quality and overall feeling of clothes.

1. Echoing the match
What is an echo match? The so-called echo matching means that two matching items are coordinated in color or design. For example, pure white socks and white tops and t-shirts echo together. The overall matching looks harmonious and natural, and more attractive.
In addition to the color of the socks themselves, the design elements on the socks can also be used to interact with other items. For example, the blue stripes on the socks echo the blue of the top. The coordination of the two can enrich the overall shape and highlight the details. personality.
2. Brighten up the match
It is better to understand the brightening collocation. The so-called brightening means to brighten the overall matching color to avoid too dull. If the colors of clothes, pants and shoes are darker, you can use bright-toned socks to brighten the match and break the dullness.
3. Rich match
Rich collocation is aimed at the problem of the elements contained in the overall collocation. If the elements contained in the overall collocation are too single to avoid looking too monotonous and boring, we can enrich the overall shape with socks with personality or richer designs. Make the match more attractive. For example, a pure white collocation is relatively simple, so socks can come in handy.

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