What kind of sports socks should I choose for summer running

Update:30 Oct 2020

In summer, you can choose sports socks that reach the a […]

In summer, you can choose sports socks that reach the ankle length. You can choose to have a large number of filling holes on the heel and forefoot, plus the silk mesh part of the midfoot, which will make you feel cool even in the hottest weather. 


In addition, choosing the tightness of the sock opening is also one of the elements of fit. Don't forget to check the design and elasticity of the sock opening. It must be done so that no matter how fast you run, it will not loosen. It is recommended to choose a design with a reinforced arch, and the sole of the socks adopts a looped weave method, which is conducive to perspiration and ventilation. No matter how much sweat, you can keep your feet dry.



The tiny diamond-shaped padding on the forefoot and the ultra-thin mesh breathable material on the heel can make the feet feel soft and comfortable without increasing the weight and thickness of the socks. For fast running comrades, such sports socks are definitely a wise choice.


The material of sports socks is similar to that of sports underwear, and can also be divided into chemical fiber and wool. Wool has a good warmth retention effect, but it is easy to wear. The soles of the shoes will slip a bit after sweating in summer, and there will inevitably be various fluff balls after washing, which is not too suitable. It is recommended to choose chemical fiber ankle socks when running in summer, which will be cooler. In addition, ankle socks are paired with sports shoes, which are also very fashionable and popular.

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