How to fold socks that are beautiful and practical

Update:24 Oct 2020

If the clutter in the kitchen and living room is partic […]

If the clutter in the kitchen and living room is particularly complicated and troublesome to clean up, then the wardrobe in the bedroom is the hardest hit area. In winter, I want to turn over winter clothes. It’s too much trouble, too messy to remember how many clothes I have. So I bought it again, and then the wardrobe couldn't fit.

Whenever the season changes, the weekends are used to turn over clothes at home.

1. Stacked clothes are difficult to take out;

2. The hanging clothes are very crowded;

3. The different lengths of hanging clothes make the lower space difficult to use;

4. There is no place to put bags (this problem is not only for women, but the storage of men's office, leisure and sports bags is also often troublesome);

5. The hem of the clothes is deformed seriously because of the other cabinets below;

6. In addition to clothes, there is a pile of debris in the closet that is difficult to clean;

7. The changed pajamas and so on are thrown on the bed because there is no place to put them, causing the room to appear messy;

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