Which material of socks is the best

Update:19 Jul 2021

When shopping for socks, we usually pay attention to th […]

When shopping for socks, we usually pay attention to the material of the socks, and some merchants also use "pure cotton" as a selling point when selling them, so is "pure cotton" necessarily the best? For socks, cotton is the most mainstream fabric. Generally speaking, the better cotton yarn is used, the more comfortable the socks will be. But here is a common misunderstanding-"pure cotton" is not necessarily really good!
Sports socks are also very good. Natural cotton yarns have poor elasticity. If socks are comfortable to wear and not easy to wear out, it is necessary to blend a certain proportion of polyester fiber (such as spandex). If someone sells you socks called "100% cotton", they are 100% unfit.

Wool is another common material, which is characterized by excellent thermal performance, but is relatively expensive. It is not very useful for general work, but it is a good choice for home socks in a room without heating.
Polyester fiber is a general term for a class of materials, such as nylon, spandex, polyester, acrylic... They are characterized by good elasticity, but poor sweat absorption performance, and some will produce peculiar smell.
Therefore, it is not recommended to choose socks made of high proportion of polyester fiber (except stockings, because there is no better way), but a certain proportion (such as 5% to 10%) of polyester fiber blended in cotton or wool is necessary.
Generally speaking, the quality of socks made of spandex/lycra blending will be better. Silk and bamboo fibers are smooth and shiny, but have poor abrasion resistance. Modal (essentially a cellulose regenerated fiber) has good gloss, but poor sweat absorption ability. Some hollow fibers of high-tech fabrics specially developed for sports scenes may have better sweat-conducting properties.

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