How to buy ski shoes and socks?

Update:16 Jan 2021

When skiing, wearing ski shoes and socks that are suita […]

When skiing, wearing ski shoes and socks that are suitable for you can better ski, and it can also prevent us from falling and getting injured. So how to choose the right ski shoes and socks, I will share with you below.

1. Comfort
The higher the hardness of the ski shoe, the harder it is. On the contrary, the lower the hardness, the softer it is.

Softer ski shoes will be more comfortable to wear. For beginners, you can choose a hardness value of 60 to 90. If you prefer softer shoes, you can choose a lower value ski shoe.

2. Operation
For professional athletes, ski shoes with a higher hardness value are easier to operate.

3. Size
When choosing ski shoes, you can choose the size you usually wear. There should be no pressure on the ankle position. The whole pair of shoes wraps the whole foot, and the toe part has a little margin, not too much.

4. Buttons.
Check whether the buttons on the ski shoes can be fastened, if you can't fasten, don't buy it.

5. Adjust the softness and hardness.
Better ski shoes can be adjusted in hardness, so that we can adjust the hardness according to the actual situation, so as to achieve better skiing effect.

6. Ski socks.
It is best not to wear ordinary socks when skiing, because the special ski socks are more warm and breathable. Therefore, this also requires everyone to pay attention to these two characteristics when choosing ski socks, and the cotton is better.

7. Choose ski socks according to ski shoes.
In addition, we must choose ski socks that match the ski shoes to avoid the ski socks are not long enough to make us uncomfortable.

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