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Update:09 Jan 2021

It is said that the feet are the second heart of a pers […]

It is said that the feet are the second heart of a person. For the health of the feet, a good pair of socks may be as important as a good pair of shoes. But few people care about the choice of socks. Most of them buy and wear at will, and wash them at will. They don’t notice the importance of socks.

How long will a pair of socks wear? Is it still "three years in the new, three years in the old, and three years in sewing and mending"? In fact, for your health, when the following three situations occur, socks should be eliminated.

1. Loss of flexibility. If the socks lose their elasticity, they will increase friction with the feet. If you don't follow your feet when walking or exercising, you will feel slippery if you sweat, and you will get hurt easily.
2. The heel becomes thin and has holes. Wearing socks for a long time will inevitably become thinner, which can easily cause heel injuries or blistering.
3. Uncomfortable to wear. When your feet feel tight, itchy, or markedly strangled, it means that the socks are not suitable.

How to choose a pair of well-fitting socks?

1. Choose less wool sports socks. Socks made of this material are not good at absorbing sweat, which tends to make the feet wet and cause blisters. Under normal circumstances, it is best to choose cotton socks, but if you are going to exercise, it is recommended to buy corduroy socks, which can absorb sweat better.
2. Fit and size are very important. The socks should fit perfectly, not too tight or too loose. If the socks are too large, the extra fiber will increase friction and damage the skin of the feet.
3. Pay attention to fiber density. When soft socks, you should pay attention to the fiber density of socks. It is not recommended to buy them if they are too loose.
4. Limited choice of socks with cotton fiber as the mainstay, plus appropriate amount of elastic fiber.

Of course, choosing socks should also consider their purpose and wearing objects. For example, daily wear is mainly comfortable and breathable. Wear soft and wear-resistant clothes during exercise. Those with sweaty feet should buy breathable and moisture-absorbing cotton socks, and those with dry feet should choose polyester socks and nylon socks with poor moisture absorption. For children's socks, try to choose socks with simple structure, light color, and smooth surface. Do not choose socks with dotted lines exposed.

Washing: Sterilize and deodorize with vinegar

When washing socks, don't rub them hard to prevent the socks from slipping out or tearing. The water temperature for washing the socks should not exceed 40 degrees. High temperature will cause the socks to shrink after being heated, and the bottom of the socks will become smaller, and even harden and deteriorate the socks. Some people's socks are easy to smell, you can use some vinegar to wash the socks, you can easily remove the odor of the socks, and it has a sterilization effect.
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